End times timeline/Survive the end days

As a survivalist with a healthy interest in bushcraft and Preparing, I have produced  my own youtube channel on this subject. CLICK LINK. I was surprised! to find this writing. It took me to another level of living off the grid. Which will come in handy one day. I endorse the book and will be focusing my attention towards its writings. If you are concerned about surviving disaster. It is worth every penny spent, and in times of need will repay 100 times pressed down and overflowing.

Survival in the end times is according to the Bible, going to be harder than ever before. Never before has mankind been subject to such disaster, as is about to come.

As an avid reader of the Holy Bible for over forty five years, I can assure you that eighty percent of Bible prophesy has come true, unlike science where only twenty five percent of prophesy has come true. The reason why only eighty percent of Bible prophesies has come true and not a hundred percent is because twenty percent hasn’t happened yet. The fact that every bible prophesy so far has come true surly means that the twenty percent to come, is defiantly going to come! Whether we like it or not. And all the signs are here. Wars and rumours of wars, earth quakes, floods, pestilence, and woman will eat their babies, and much more, was written thousands of years ago. Ignore it if you want. But Jesus was clear in his words. We must stay alert. Be on guard.

We know that today thousands of Christians are being executed, just as the Bible said would happen.

These things must come to pass. In the same way Jesus had to die on the cross. (The Son of God) I am not here to convert you to Christianity or even to preach the bible. what I am doing is offering you survival manuals for when and if in your lifetime this happens. to all faith’s and religions. Whether we started as an amoeba or we are all the true sons of Adam. we all came from the same place and are all brothers in arms! no one more important than the other.

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